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Ronald Trump: Casino Owner. Ronald is the owner of the Paramount Casino. Ronald is a powerful man that you don't want to betray—the result could be deadly!

Iguana Trump: Casino Owner's Wife. A former beauty queen, Iguana now rules the entertainment side of the Paramount. Her time in the lounge has made her knowledgeable about much more than show tunes.

Precious Trump: Floor Manager. Precious, Ronald's daughter, is aware that the profits from casino are dwindling…and they can't be attributed to gambling losses. Her job may be on the line if she can't find the thief.

Cole Conway: Booking Manager.
Working in the casino sports book allows Cole to monitor everyone's sports bets. Cole knows who is truly winning (and losing) at the Paramount.

Jack Black: Blackjack Dealer.
Jack is an un-
popular employee at the Paramount, but he is
trying to change that. He has been spotted in some secured areas of the casino. Could he be the thief or was he tracking one?

Paul Piano: Lounge Singer.
Late nights in the lounge leave Paul singing a lonely tune. Trouble is Paul wants something his bankroll can't afford.

Elvis: Elvis Impersonator. Elvis can impersonate a lot of personalities, which has gotten him far in life.
Even Elvis' closest confidants don't even know who he truly is.

Mimi Martini: Cocktail Waitress.
A money-hungry cocktail waitress, Mimi will do anything (and use anyone) to advance herself out of the casino lounge.

Jim Beam: Bartender. Although known to be a ladies man, lately Jim has been out of luck with love.

Lucy Legs: Show girl. Lucy is a cruise line performer who has dropped anchor in Las Vegas. It is no secret that she wants to be married to Elvis rather than by him to someone else.

Clean Jean: Hotel concierge. As the manager of guest relations, they know more about some of the guests than their significant others do! Will their inside knowledge condemn or save them?

Security Sam: Security Manager. Sam polices who goes into and out of the casino and is ultimately responsible for any thefts the casino may incur. Their job is on the line if someone is not caught for the recent heists.

Senator Justice: US Senator. A senator who spends a lot of time in Las Vegas. He has some ties to convicts, but that doesn't make him one.

Jacquelyn Justice: Senator's Wife. Jacquelyn will do anything to save her husband's career. Some say she cares more about being a senator's wife more than she cares about the senator.

Ace High: Gambler. Known for his large bets and his big money, whatever lucky lady lands him as her husband will have hit the jackpot. Will Ace's past come back to haunt him?

Hot-Slot Sal: Gambler. Sal spends their gambling time at the slots and never seems to leave empty
handed. Could the casino losses be attributed to their successes?

Full House Frank: Gambler.
As one of the wealthiest men in Vegas, Frank feels he doesn't get the respect he deserves. How far will he go to get it?

Hustling Hailey: Gambler.
A hustler at heart, Hailey will do anything for money. Although she has been spending a lot of time in the lounge with Paul, her latest conquer has been gaining Ace High as a husband.

Colleen Candy: A classy call girl. Colleen's clients are plenty and plenty rich. What may be more shocking than who is paying her salary may be who can't afford the rates she's charging.

Agent Avery: FBI Agent. Agent Avery is here doing a random check on the casino. If anything goes wrong at the Paramount party, they will be the one to take care of business.

Jamie Journalist: Reporter. Jamie needs to stay a step ahead of the rest if they hope to break the story that is about to happen tonight.
** Guest list can be dependent on version of mystery you order, so check your invitation for exact details!


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